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I LOVE public speaking. I know. That makes me a little weird. But it’s truly one of my favorite things.

I have experience giving inspiring keynotes, teaching interactive workshops on writing craft, giving an overview of how the publishing industry works, talking about how important it is to ask for help in the face of mental health issues, and tons more.

Specific programs you could request by name:

  • Emotional Roller Coaster – Taking your reader for a ride (Writing craft, all ages, 40-60 minutes preferred)
  • Speakeasy – Public Speaking 101 (For writers and professionals, age 15 +, 20-40 minutes preferred)
  • Who are you? and What might you gain? (Inspirational, motivational keynotes, all ages, any timeframe)
  • That’s Vlog with a V (you tubing basics, all ages, 20-30 minutes preferred.)
  • Coping through Creativity (How teens can use creativity to help improve mental health, ages 11-18, 30-60 minutes preferred)
  • Reject the Stigmas (Mental health issue awareness, ages 11-18, 30-60 minutes preferred)
  • A chat with Kelsey Macke (all about Damsel Distressed, it’s impact, and how you can make a difference, all ages, any timeframe.)

Have another idea for a talk? I’d love to work with you to create exactly what you need! email Kelseyiswriting@gmail.com

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