Kelsey Macke’s DAMSEL DISTRESSED, about 17-year-old Imogen Keegan and her struggle with obesity, self-harm, and the infuriatingly perfect stepsister who makes her want to drown herself in a vat of Nutella, with accompanying soundtrack of original songs written and performed by the author’s band, Wedding Day Rain, in an innovative mash-up of prose, technology, drawings, and music, to Danielle Ellison at Spencer Hill Contemporary, for October 2014, by Jessica Sinsheimer at The Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency (World).
  • I attended the Dallas area writers’ conference, DFWcon, and filmed a special vlog full of tips for attending such events.
  • One of my very first writer buddies, Simon P. Clark interviewed me about my writing process on his blog.
  • I visited Sophia Chang‘s blog to talk about a typical day in my life.