Hey everyone! This is Kelsey Macke (@KelsNotChels) and I want to thank each and everyone of you who have entered the contest in the past three weeks! 

In addition to thanking the amazing artists who’ve already entered, I’ve got to take a second to thank the amazing friends and supporters who have told their artistically inclined friends, posted it on social media, and shared it in their community.

You probably know that the 10 semi-finalists will be winning a prize for their entries, but this giveaway is just for you–those who may not have the ability or desire to make something, but who’ve graciously spread the word. 

We have just FIVE DAYS LEFT to accept entries!

One lucky person who promotes the contest in any way over the next five days will win a wonderful prize pack designed and curated by me full of bookish/writerly/nerdy goodies! 

The more support we can give to the contest in the next five days, the more valuable the prize pack will be!

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday… For every day that the contest information is shared a total of TEN times, the value of the prize will go up by ten dollars. 

So, if at least 10 people share/post/discuss the contest on Wednesday, the winning prize will be valued at $10. If we can keep the momentum up until Sunday, then the winner’s prize will be valued at $50! It will be chock-full of amazing goodies that I am sure you’ll love. (Be sure if you are sharing on social media to either tag me or let me know so that I can keep up with the value of the prize!)

Each day that you share about the contest by tweeting, instagramming, vining, emailing a friend, telling a stranger at the grocery store, you can come to this post and enter rafflecopter. 

Lastly, when the submission window closes on Sunday, the team will take time to sift through the entries, and when the semi-finalists have been chosen, remember that YOU will be voting one of those ten into one of the TOP THREE SPOTS! (AHH!) 

The easiest place to point people to for contest information is here: teamomgen.tumblr.com

Thank you so very much, 

Love, Kelsey

(As this giveaway is hosted by me, and me alone, and I want to be able to give the best prize possible, I must restrict the winner to someone with a shipping address in the continental US. Please forgive me, international friends! I promise I’ll have an international giveaway in the future!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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