What’s your day job?

I am a teacher. I’ve worked in High School and Middle School teaching all kinds of students from all types of backgrounds. I have a Masters of Education in Special Education with an emphasis on Transition Services for Adolescents with Emotional and/or Behavioral Disorders.

Can I email you?

Sure! But I make no promises about how fast I’ll reply.

Can I send you a note/piece of artwork/cupcake/kittens?


You’re welcome to send paper items to me, and I’m so grateful for notes, cards, and artwork! Please know that I won’t open or consume anything edible, and also, though I love them so, kittens should never be mailed.

PO Box:

Kelsey Macke
5017 Teasley Lane, Suite 145
PMB #7
Denton, Tx  76210

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What color lipstick is that?

I do love a good lipstick. One of my favorite brands of all time is Bite Beauty. Their lip cremes are amazing. I also have about seven of the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains. The e.l.f. tinted lip balms are amazing, and the (again, Revlon) Super Lustrous lipsticks are amazing. I don’t sell it, but I’ve recently become obsessed with lip sense!

Will you please get your sweatshirt off the table?

Not likely.

Why haven’t you emailed me back yet?

I am regularly distracted by shiny objects. Or maybe there was a fly in the room. Feel free to poke me if I take too long.

Will you please come to my school/organization and speak/present/emcee/perform/be on a panel?

Probably! For information about my booking policies and current prices, please click here.