So, I’m not surprised that my friend Heather (of the brilliant Then Heather Said blog) had the same bright idea about checking up on our goals at the monthly marks instead of waiting until next December and feeling like losers.

So, I set up a recurring event on my google calendar to remind me to check on my progress on the first of each month.

First, let’s check up on my 30 before 30 goals!

Here’s the key: Bold means in progress/Strikethrough means completed

1. Record at least 5 more Wedding Day Rain songs for our album 1 in the can!
2. Get back to my happy weight Been getting closer each week!
3. Finish another novel
4. Find a literary agent that I LOVE Here’s the scoop!
5. Run another 5k
6. Complete one perfect month of #photoaday
7. Visit someone who lives outside of Texas
8. Read at LEAST 10 published books 1/10
9. Obtain a book deal for DAMSEL DISTRESSED
10. Travel out-of-state with my beloved
11. Eat lacto/ovo vegetarian for 6 months Started on 12/29/12
12. Join a group blog as a contributor  Have you checked out The Writer Diaries!?
13. Go to my IRL critique group at least once per month 1 out of 12
14. See at least 3 live shows (probably musicals)
15. Maintain my renewed yoga practice First class 1/1/13
16. Learn how to properly use en/em dashes and hypens (HA!)
17. Find and take opportunities to teach new/future teachers
18. Attend a writers’ retreat and/or a writers’ conference
19. Watch Pitch Perfect when sad/stressed Watched it 2 times so far this year!
20. Go skating
21. Be a part of a cast (yes, I’m leaving this purposefully ambiguous.)
22. Attend a book release party or author signing RSVP’d for Victoria Scott’s release party!
23. Perform live (as Wedding Day Rain–for the 2nd time)
24. Start a REAL vlog project  Started KelsNotChelsNotLive on 2/12/13!
25. Give more attention to putting myself together each morning  So far so good!

Things are looking good! The big changes from when I first started are starting my new VLOG series and planning to attend Victoria Scott’s release!


How are you doing with your goals for the year??

Still looking for a few more to round out my 30. Any new ideas?