The production team had SUCH a daunting task of choosing the winner for the cover contest.

Not just because it’s such a critically important decision in relation to Damsel Distressed’s production, but because when people share their artwork with you, they’re also sharing a piece of their heart.


The concept we chose as the winner was created by an incredibly talented designer.

She’s so talented, in fact, that she had TWO designs make it into the top ten.


We are so excited to work with her and find ways to integrate the best parts of her incredible designs, which is why the the announcement today is the contest winner announcement and not a cover reveal. The final cover won’t be exactly this, but it will certainly be gorgeous at the hands of this talented artist.


The winner of our contest, Jenny Zemanek, designed the entry that stole our hearts:

“Black Bird”


Jenny also designed the lovely “Moody Masks” concept, and we’re so honored to have her contributions to the contest.


We’d like to thank the two runners-up, Jessica W. and Whitney G. who created such beautiful works, along with each of the other members of the top ten, and of course, everyone who submitted anything at all.


Congratulations, Jenny!

Be on the look out for the final cover design as well as the album artwork for IMOGEN UNLOCKED, early in the new year!