Just take a second and bask in it…

Let it wash over you like the sun or the rain or the wind.

How fortunate we are to be able to








our way through life when the world around us is often disapointing and lonely.

How fortunate we are to have

dreams and the chance to make them come true

passion and the fortitude to fight through the fray

creativity and the willingness to let it pour from and through us like water

a voice.

And the desperate need to have it heard.

So, now that you’re done basking.


Get back to








your way through life.

Because life is so much more beautiful than burdensome.

Don’t waste your good fortune on fear or doubt.

Your art is for you.

But it isn’t ONLY for you.

It is also for me.

And for them.

And we are just

waiting for you

to make


So, I’m not surprised that my friend Heather (of the brilliant Then Heather Said blog) had the same bright idea about checking up on our goals at the monthly marks instead of waiting until next December and feeling like losers.

So, I set up a recurring event on my google calendar to remind me to check on my progress on the first of each month.

First, let’s check up on my 30 before 30 goals!

Here’s the key: Bold means in progress/Strikethrough means completed

1. Record at least 5 more Wedding Day Rain songs for our album 1 in the can!
2. Get back to my happy weight Been getting closer each week!
3. Finish another novel
4. Find a literary agent that I LOVE Here’s the scoop!
5. Run another 5k
6. Complete one perfect month of #photoaday
7. Visit someone who lives outside of Texas
8. Read at LEAST 10 published books 1/10
9. Obtain a book deal for DAMSEL DISTRESSED
10. Travel out-of-state with my beloved
11. Eat lacto/ovo vegetarian for 6 months Started on 12/29/12
12. Join a group blog as a contributor  Have you checked out The Writer Diaries!?
13. Go to my IRL critique group at least once per month 1 out of 12
14. See at least 3 live shows (probably musicals)
15. Maintain my renewed yoga practice First class 1/1/13
16. Learn how to properly use en/em dashes and hypens (HA!)
17. Find and take opportunities to teach new/future teachers
18. Attend a writers’ retreat and/or a writers’ conference
19. Watch Pitch Perfect when sad/stressed Watched it 2 times so far this year!
20. Go skating
21. Be a part of a cast (yes, I’m leaving this purposefully ambiguous.)
22. Attend a book release party or author signing RSVP’d for Victoria Scott’s release party!
23. Perform live (as Wedding Day Rain–for the 2nd time)
24. Start a REAL vlog project  Started KelsNotChelsNotLive on 2/12/13!
25. Give more attention to putting myself together each morning  So far so good!

Things are looking good! The big changes from when I first started are starting my new VLOG series and planning to attend Victoria Scott’s release!


How are you doing with your goals for the year??

Still looking for a few more to round out my 30. Any new ideas?

Hey, loves!

This week’s episode of KelsNotChelsNOTLIVE features my TOP TEN reasons writers are totally and absolutely CRAY CRAY.

I should note that I am guilty of all of these, save one. So don’t get ’em pannnnnies in a bunch. I mean no offence. If we can’t make fun of ourselves, what fun is LIFE?!

Let me know in the comments below if there’s one (or more) that is particularly YOU!


Is it really Friday?

I can’t believe we made it through another week.

I want to thank you guys so much for supporting this little vlog adventure I’ve started. It’s been hard for me to balance the fact that I want so much to be liked, with the fact that I also really want to be true to myself.

I know that some people have a deep aversion to peppy, spazztic people, so it’s always nervewracking to let so much of who I am show when I’m not sure people will like it. 🙂

This week’s episode is a little more serious, perhaps. And maybe a little less funny, but it really is an issue that is of the utmost importance to me.

One of my favorite people, Julie Murphy, reminds me regularly that “comparison is the thief of joy.” And I believe that, which is why I have to try so hard to remember that my journey isn’t the same as anyone else’s.

Go buy this GORGEOUS print by Whitney CPBG

I hope you enjoy the vlog, and that if you do, you’ll let me know with a comment, a like, or a subscription.
(Especially on an episode like this, when I’m worried people will roll their eyes at my sentimentality. 😀 )



So, the “Currently…” meme is making the rounds again, and I love following the leader so I’m gonna chime in with a written blog post with nary a video in sight! (But be prepared, new vlog TOMORROW!)

I am currently…


Downton Abbey does One Direction. (HA! REMEMBER THAT TIME I SAID NO VIDEOS! LULZ.)

My new snail ring, which I bought as a reminder to be PATIENT through this publishing process!

The new Tegan and Sara record Closer (though the whole album is awesome). This remix of the single is my current FAVE.


I’ve got my nose in two manuscripts written by some of my FAVORITE friends! And they are both so good. and I want to read them all the time.

I’m also just a few chapters in to the first Beautiful Creatures book because I totally thought the movie was adorable.


I am still head over heels for Switched at Birth on ABCFamily. And my recently renewed love for Gray’s Anatomy is at an all-time high. (I just sorta… opted out of the seasons where izzy was crazy because REASONS.)


Can’t lie. I’m thinking about Spring Break. And after that, SUMMER BREAK. I can’t help it. I’m ready.


Oh my god, guys. My best friend from SPAIN is coming with her family for a visit, and I can’t even wait. Lola and I met online in, errrrr, maybe 2004? (want some tears, read this blog from when I was getting off the plane to meet her for the first time. *Weep*)
I could blink my WIP into completion and that I could know for sure that Spring has come to Texas for good. 🙂

A few things that are making me very happy at the moment are: Daron and his constant wisdom, vlogging and getting to know a whole new community, and my agent, Jessica, who is just… she’s just amazing.

There you have it, guys!

See you tomorrow with this week’s vlog! 🙂

Hey kids!

The introduction to this video is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream…



But seriously, the person I am told I look the most like (in the last 5 years) is Vanessa Brayer from SNL–specifically when she’s doing Miley, which might mean I look more like Miley than Vanessa… but I’ve never been compared to Miley directly, so, WHATEVS, but


Just go watch me make my dreams come true, yeah?



Here are all the details you need for the KelsNotChelsNOTLIVE giveaway mentioned in this video here:

First things first. The Prizes.

There will be ONE winner for this contest.

That winner will receive:

1 Query Critique from my spectacular agent, Jessica Sinsheimer.
50 pages of their manuscript beta’d by me.
1 A big box of books/swag/treats/writerly goodies picked out by me.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you have any questions about the contest, leave them below!

The contest runs through Wednesday, March 13th, 2013!

Holy smokes!

It’s already THREE days into March?

What dark magic is this!?

Welcome to all of the March Madness champions who are going to be checking in on this little blog every Sunday for the month of March! I am so happy to be hosting with Denise and the crew this year!

What’s that? You don’t know what March Madness is all about?

Well, basically you take the month of March and commit to finishing a big, fat, juicy goal!

So, we’re three days in, and if you’ve never done March Madness before, you’re probably in that I CAN DO ANYTHING phase!

And that is the BEST PHASE!

Because you totally can!

Take advantage of the energy that abounds at the beginning of projects and don’t waste your time worrying about if you’ll run out of steam!

Keeping all of that fear and doubt at bay is key to accomplishing your goals. And one of the best ways to stay motivated is to actively participate in chats and checkins so that others can support you too.

My Goal:

For March Madness this year, I’m hoping I can draft my MG contemp! I may not finish the whole thing this month, but I need to get a few ten thousand word chunks, that’s for sure.


So, are you basking in the glow of a new commitment? How are you feeling about your challenge today? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to check in with LS Taylor on Monday!

Mondays – LS Taylor will host at  http://lstaylor.blogspot.com

Lastly, if you’re unfamiliar with March Madness, it’s not too late to join us! Check out all the details at Denise’s blog right here and post your goal for the month on her post: http://denisejaden.blogspot.com/2013/03/march-madness-is-here-wipmadness.html

And don’t forget to join the conversation on TWITTER through the hashtag #wipmadness!

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Technology has failed me today! I’m so sorry for the delay, but I’m having to try and repost from my phone!

Don’t let my technological hiccup stop you from posting all about your progress, though!

Hello Darlings!

It’s the 10th day of March and #wipmadness!!

Today’s post got all jacked up, but at least we’ve made it.

Isn’t it such a buzzkill when you depend on technology and it fails you? Like if you want to write but your computer is fritzing out or you get all settled to do editing and your software bugs out?

It happens.

But we keep going, and we try to find some other way to work around those detours.

So how are you all doing on your goals? I’d love to hear an update!!