Let’s just take a minute and do this:

You know you wanted to.

So, this morning, while hubbins was getting ready for work (he leaves much earlier than I do) I wrote the first chapter of my new project.

I’ll pause for celebration.

I’ve been brainstorming and outlining for a little bit, but there’s something special about writing those first words that really feels like it’s starting.

I can’t wait to tell you guys more about the story, but I’m keeping my lips zipped until I have more on the page.

The prospecting of drafting another book (!!!) is daunting, but it also feels kinda awesome. Like there is so much possibility laying out before me.

I’m learning that my first novel came out super easy. I knew exactly what book I wanted to write, how I wanted it to sound, where every part of the plot was going.

But this one, is different. The outline is less detailed, and I am dabbling in a voice that is much less like my own. (YES, I pretty much talk with the exact level of snark that my Imogen from DD uses. Her snark is my snark. The secret is out.)

So, with my first chapter down, I’m ready to take off. I hope to update you with big juicy wordcounts soon! 😀

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