OMG, I have the best, most unique idea!

I’m going to write a summative blog post on the eve of the new year!!!


So, it isn’t original, but as we’re all the main characters in our own stories, why not write a wrap up for our own enjoyment.

As this is my “writing” blog, I’ll start with some highlights of my writing journey thus far.

  • I began this writing blog in March (my first post is >>here<<) and in the time since then, I’ve managed just under 10k page views, and ~150 subscribers + followers. This is very humbling and awesome seeing as I have no idea what I’m doing. 
  • I survived the query trenches and signed with the unfathomably brilliant Jessica Sinsheimer. I am forever grateful to every single person who read (and RAKED over hot coals) my manuscript, helping me attain this huge milestone. I am overwhelmed by the support I’ve recieved. 
  • I submitted my work to 4 contests + 2 twitter pitch contests, and was selected or recieved reqs from 3 of those. But more importantly, I met incredible CPs and friends who know what it feels like to be cuckoo birds. 
  • Other than my AGENTED post, the most popular post on this blog, BY FAR, was “Fan Their Flame.” This post means so much to me, and it outlines my hope for artists and people everywhere: let us build each other up, and not belittle others’ talents to highlight our own.
  • The most interesting search term that lead to my blog was “there’s a fine line between bold and crazy.” THIS MIGHT AS WELL BE MY FREAKING LIFE MOTTO. 

Outside the world of writing, there were lots of happy happenings.

Hubs and I performed for the first time as our band, Wedding Day Rain, and won first place in that talent show! We’re currently writing and recording our first album WHICH IS SUPER HARD.

I had the pleasure of performing as Lucy in the community theatre regional premier of AVENUE Q in my town. That was a ridiculously good time. Then, late in the fall, I performed in my first devised theatre piece with the fabulous team at Sundown Collaborative Theatre.

I realized how ridiculously awesome John Green is. I went on a fabulous adventure with my friend Ashley and we fangirled like crazy and basically just walked around in a TFIOS haze with a bunch of like minded nerdfighters.

My beloved and I went on a fantastic California adventure, and explored the northern coast. We saw massive redwoods, coves, and even ventured into San Francisco for a day as well.

In less happy news, 2012 wasn’t full of all awesomeness. The realities of sitting on your tush and writing for hours every day and avoiding workouts like a plague means that I put on *censored for my loves who are triggered by others’ body numbers* pounds this year. Ouch. The happy weight that I maintained for 3 years collapsed under the effects of so much writing fueled binges on wine and M&Ms. I also have tried with varying levels of success to be a brave advocate for myself and other women with the very under-researched disease ENDOMETRIOSIS. 
While I spent this year progressing, I didn’t have the FOCUS that I usually do. I was a bit rambly which isn’t my style. 
To help that listless feeling, I’m setting off on a quest to accomplish 30 goals in the next 10 or so months until my 30th birthday! These goals are happening in lieu of NYE resolutions, and I’m really excited to tackle them. 
To check out my list and help me come up with the last few, check this page here
Have a fabulous 2013, my loves!

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